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Product Description


• Written and designed by Nadia Nicol Smith, owner of Nadia Nics Personal Training


• 24 Pages including 15 Illustrations


• An all you need to know guide on how to grow and sculpt your glutes!


• Detailed Information and Essential Tips: Easy to understand information covering exact technique and form. Plus all important tips gathered from over 10 years first-hand experience in the field to get the most out of each exercise.


• Suitable for all levels of fitness!: Universal application of techniques and structured to accommodate anyone from a complete beginner and above.


• Three progressive sections: The three, 4 weekly sections will lay foundation skills and build upon these as the weeks go on to create a well-rounded, advanced skill set you can apply to all your future workouts. So it doesn’t just stop here, these are skills you can use for the rest of your life!


• One off affordable low cost fee: a lifetime of knowledge, expertise and proven tried and tested techniques for a tighter and more defined booty!!

Once payment has cleared you will be sent the 12 Week Booty Guide via email. It is provided in downloadable PDF format which can be accessed worldwide and is easily viewable on any and all mobile devices. It can also be printed out very easily straight from your inbox should you wish. The price is a one-off fee with nothing else to pay. As the product is digital, it is deemed "used" after sent over to you and is therefore understandably non-refundable. Copyright 2020 | Nadia Nicol Smith.


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Nadia Nics 12 Week Booty Guide E-Book (Gym Based)